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Thank you 

for your vote!

I am grateful for all the support and those that voted for me. I will continue to do what I love, which is to serve my community!  LET'S GO!

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia
“I confidently endorse Rick Saldivar for Cathedral City Council, District 4.
Rick is known for his track record of service, youth empowerment, and commitment to his community. The Cathedral City Council will benefit from his trusted leadership experience and insight on local priorities. Rick goes above and beyond to help others, and he will go above and beyond for Cathedral City.”  - Eduardo Garcia
Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz
“I am honored to endorse Rick Saldivar for Cathedral City Council. Rick is a qualified candidate with a strong history of community service. During the pandemic, Rick was on the forefront of caring for residents, partnering with local businesses and nonprofit organizations to help meet the needs of his community. Please join me in supporting Rick Saldivar for Cathedral City Council, District 4.”
- Dr. Raul Ruiz California's 36th District

Supervisor V. Manuel Perez 
"Rick has demonstrated true leadership and is invested in the well being of his community, his leadership will be an asset to the residents of Cathedral City"
-V. M.P Fourth District Supervisor
 County of Riverside


Cathedral City Police Officers Association
Members of the Cathedral City Police Officers Association met with Rick Saldivar. After hearing his heart, his plans for the city and sharing his personal journey with us, it was apparent, Rick Saldivar is the change the residents of this wonderful

City need. His integrity and unwavering love for the community is unquestionable. We are excited to announce the CCPOA’s official endorsement of Rick Saldivar for city council “ - J. Borrego CCPOA President

Cathedral City Police Management Association 
“We are aware of your commitment to serving the needs of citizens and those who are in need of assistance. Your community outreach across the Coachella Valley and City, shows that commitment to your community and assisting community members through a variety of means”. - J.E Pres. CCPMA

Cathedral City Professional Firefighters Association
“Over the course of our interactions, you have demonstrated your dedication to the community by working diligently writing grants to acquire funds as well as providing community service to the citizens of Cathedral City” -C.G CCPFA PRES.

"I am proud to endorse Rick Saldivar because he is dedicated to protect and help the most vulnerable and underserved in our community. Rick is the best option and has demonstrated that he will govern with equity."

-Sergio Espericueta, 2018 Candidate for District 4 & Palm Springs Unified School District Board Member

"Four years ago Rick Saldivar and I were among four candidates running for City Council District 4. We became friends then and have remained good friends ever since. Rick Saldivar's a good man, my good friend and he'll make a great City Councilman. He has my vote and I hope you'll all join me in supporting and voting for him."

-John Rivera, 2018 Candidate for District 4

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