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While Cathedral City is working on a large range of policy and community issues,
Rick wanted to share his top three priorities as future councilman:

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Community Based Organizations and Non-profits have the heart, resources, and manpower to meet the needs of Cathedral City residents. These organizations benefit those with housing issues, needs for finance literacy and senior resources. One of Rick's goals is to bring a recreation center to Cathedral City. Among other benefits, a recreation center would serve as a hub for local organizations to allocate resources to the community. It would improve the quality of life for Cathedral City families and foster good health.


Small businesses are the backbone of Cathedral City’s local economy. Rick will support existing business throughout the city with tools and resources to grow their customer base and increase sales. Rick will also work to attract new business to fill vacancies throughout the city. Rick understands the important connection between a business-friendly city and a thriving community.

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Law Enforcement

An effective and efficient city government is crucial to the well-being of a community. Ensuring Cathedral City Police Department (CCPD) is well funded and supported by city staff and council is key; however, it is of paramount importance that residents 100% trust our police. Rick’s number one priority is bridging that gap. He is committed to strengthening trust between CCPD and the community.

Fire Department

A self-sufficient city is best equipped to protect and care for its community. Rick will safeguard the financial budget of Cathedral City Fire Department. His public health and safety goals include an emphasis on health medics and keeping our own fire department.

City Staff

Rick will work in tandem with the city manager and staff to successfully represent the people of

Cathedral City. He will collaborate and seek outside the box solutions to serve our communities

without tapping into reserves. Among other strategies, Rick will utilize community resources and

grant opportunities to responsibly maintain the city's budget.

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